I am thrilled to be a contributing poet to each of these anthologies.

Hop To It! Poems to Get You Moving, Pomelo Books – Winner of the Kid’s Choice Book Award 2021

See my poem “City Song”

From the back cover – “Need a break? Hop to it! The hundred poems in this book will get you moving from nose to toes! You can climb like a cat, sign the phrase watch me, or do a binky rabbit dance. Discover factoids such as why pigeons make good messengers, who invented jumping jacks, and how sleeping can help you learn a new language. You’ll find pandemic poetry about wearing masks and virtual learning – plus poems that inspire you to stand up and speak out. Stretch your body and your mind with a 30-second brain break!”

Available for purchase at Bookshop, Amazon, and QEP Books.

10. 10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways

See my poem “The Greatest Show on Earth”

Editor’s description:

10 categories based on TEN:

  1. TENtative
  2. TENderness
  3. TENacity
  4. TEN More Minutes
  5. TENsion
  6. I Wouldn’t Touch That With a TEN-Foot Pole
  7. TEN Little Fingers / TEN Little Toes
  8. Take TEN
  9. TENth _____
  10. I TENd To

58 poets from around the world, both well established and brand new.

Available for purchase Amazon.

Things We DO, Pomelo Books

See my poem “Play”

Editor’s description: What things do we love to do? In this book you’ll find poems from A to Z, featuring action words and photos that will make kids eager to CLAP, DANCE, JUMP, LAUGH, WAVE, ZOOM, and more as you read the playful poems. This poetry anthology is ideal for children ages 4 – 7 and can be shared by families at home or by teachers in PreK – Grade 1 classrooms. Parents, caregivers, and educators will find useful tips and resources to help make learning even more fun. Pomelo Books is “Poetry PLUS”!

100% of the profits from this book will be donated to the IBBY Children in Crisis Fund.

Available for purchase at Bookshop, Amazon, and QEP Books.

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