So Much Pride

There’s lots of talk these days about “the trans”, as if they are some abstract concept out there, some weird peculiarity of human society, something strange, mysterious, devious, blah, blah, blah. I’m here to say, sometimes people are born in meat suits that don’t match their souls. I know plenty of them. (You do, too.)

Why am I thinking about the trans community on a beautiful Good Friday morning? Not to go all Christian theologian on you, but here is my answer in a poem:

The Announcement

Came today with a full color photo

“I have graduated!”

I scan the face of this unfamiliar name

the nose ring and pierced brows

the chopped brown hair

and black, so much black clothing

I dredge memories of a young girl

on stage in a lion’s mane

escorting Dorothy down a paper path

a huntsman begging Snow White

to run, run for her life

flee the witch queen and all her wickedness

I see a girl pretending to be a boy-

a boy pretending to be a girl

now a person casting off a costume

that never quite fit

claiming the stage

fearless in the spotlight

I stand and applaud

Yes, my dear,

you have graduated, indeed.

Isn’t it interesting that this appeared in my universe on the day billions of people around the globe remember the imprisonment, torture, and slaughter of an innocent human? A human compelled to preach love and community, to practice radical inclusivity? I’m just saying…

What a world we could have with a little more love and community and a lot less screaming about the “other” who is our neighbor, whether we recognize them or not.

13 thoughts on “So Much Pride”

  1. Marcia, this is a tender topic to wrestle with for a family and a child who does not fit in their born role but you handled it so well through verse. We have two close friends who have experienced the transformation of their daughters who are now much happier males. The process is difficult but the smile on one I’ve known since birth is genuine and that is what matters. Happy Easter to you.

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  2. Marilyn, wow, what a beautiful poem and statement. Peace to this one who has claimed their place and graduated, daring to “flee the witch queen and all her wickedness” Well done!

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  3. Hi, Marilyn! How great to see you here! And what a deeply felt and gorgeously written poem to jump in with. Jesus was a social radical, a revolutionary for love, and I am daily baffled by the failure of so many to understand and apply their teachings. Yep, I just they/themmed Jesus Christ. : ) We all just want to be seen and loved exactly as we are.

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